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Ignite a fire

in all areas of your life

Inviting heart centred souls to walk the path of love to deeper meaning and purpose in their lives and to illuminate compassion and joy into the world.

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A heart centred life requires a love revolution

This is the kind of love that represents the best of ourselves and sees the best in others. Love that serves humanity with grace and compassion. Unconditional, heart expanded, divinely inspired, and purposely guided love that can heal and transform lives. Our lives.

That kind of love

When you acknowledge love as the source of your existence . . .
When you embrace love as the true essence of who you are . . .

You. Can. Flourish.

DISCOVER theLOVEproject365

Your full potential and magnificence is within you!

With individual coaching, reflective tools, and inspirational words, you can step boldly into this season of your life knowing you will be fully supported.

  • Discover your full essence as you emerge in your life renewed
  • Connect deeply to your sense of self so you can honour your wholeness
  • Experience the joy and awe of living your best life on your own terms
  • Transform your self-perception and limiting beliefs so you can thrive! 


You were born to thrive​

Getting your basic needs met, feeling a sense of love and belonging in your relationships and community, having a strong self perception, and reaching your full potential as a human being is deeply important for a robust and prosperous existence.

However, thriving requires effort. Effort is growth. Growth can be painful.

We all go through transitions in our lives that can bring us to our knees and shatter our hearts. You may find yourself in survival mode. You might feel overwhelmed, question your choices, experience a breakdown, or want to start anew. You may lack fulfillment or joy.

Life has a way of snuffing your light so you feel like a shadow of your true self.

Transitions such as these can lead to incredible transformations. When you choose to thrive, as a flower needs to bloom, you will find deeper meaning and purpose to live by.


You. Are. Extraordinary!​

Every moment is an opportunity for expansion. A gateway to infinite possibility. Trust that you can move through your life with grace and compassion to walk a path that feels authentic and inspiring. I’ll be right there with you as your personal cheerleader!

There is nothing like the present moment to create your legacy, learn new things, heal the past, reassess your wants and desires, explore a new direction in life, and fuel your passions. The time is now.

You have an inner knowing whispering to you “there’s more.” More connection. More love. More peace of mind. More success. More something.

Answer the call

Come along with me and feel the glow of that fire burning bright within you. Are you ready to flourish
and dazzle?

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I'm Dr. Traci

I’ve always been the type of person who strives to be the very best version of myself. I have an affinity for personal growth and my deepest intention is to be a loving human being.

Few things give me greater joy than being witness to the lives of others so they feel seen, heard, and know that they matter.

Together, we can move through this season of your life while I provide you with the utmost support and encouragement. It all begins with a call so we can connect and converse.

I’m so glad you’re here.


Join theLOVEproject365 community for heart centred souls.

Sign up today to get a special collection of Love Notes with journal prompts and heart openers sent directly to your inbox.