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The introduction that started it all.

This project was born during my morning meditations when I would end with a prayer of intention, committing my day to living with love.

I was thinking a lot about love. L.O.V.E. Not romantic love, or love that makes you think of red hearts and doilies, but the kind of love that represents the best of ourselves and others. Love that is about serving humanity with grace and compassion. Unconditional, heart expanded, divinely inspired, and purposely guided love, that has the ability to heal and transform lives. That kind of love.

With the political, economic, environmental, and social landscape of our world today, we are being bombarded with the horrifying and depressing reality of terrorism, racism, oppression, poverty, and natural disasters, which contribute to increasing fear in people’s lives. It seems that not a day goes by without seeing images of violence, hearing tales of injustice, or mourning the loss of innocent lives to gun violence.

Furthermore, we live in a society where competition, manipulation, and lies are often deemed the best way to get what we want out of life, to be seen, and to be successful. Yet, it’s such a fallacy. The “me versus you,” and the “us versus them,” does nothing but harm, pushing us further away from our true purpose as humans. To love.

The opposite of fear is love. Collaboration versus competition. Understanding versus judgement. Light versus dark. I wondered what it would feel like to infuse more LOVE into our days, despite what might be happening around us that brings us to our knees in sorrow, fills our psyche with rage, makes us feel powerless, because much of what is happening around us is beyond our control.

I imagined creating a better world by taking small steps in our own lives, by replacing fear with love, to see possibility rather than futility, and to experience joy rather than angst.

The LOVEproject365 launched on my birthday on July 24, 2016 with the intention to chronicle expressions of love through pictures and prose. One post every day for 365 days.

I consider this my own personal love revolution, a commitment to sacred activism. I have no expectations, no attachment to outcome of any sort. I just know I am going to places I’ve never been, to see what cultivates, and feel the expansion of love in my heart.

With love,

Traci xo

Meet Dr. Traci

I’ve always been the type of person who strives to be the very best version of myself. I have an affinity for personal growth and my deepest intention is to be a loving human being.

Few things give me greater joy than being witness to the lives of others so they feel seen, heard, and know that they matter.

Together, we can move through this season of your life while I provide you with the utmost support and encouragement. It all begins with a call so we can connect and converse.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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